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The stud of Wester Drumlins exists since spring 2014 and in its early months was used to be known as "Nevermind Equestrian Centre", which was renamed in late summer of 2014.


In March of 2015 we decided to expand and started a Thoroughbred focused Racing Team. We breed bold shape Thoroughbreds to create strong, long living and persistent horses that combine speed and endurance for consistently successful results. Therefore our Thoroughbreds are not just Racing horses, but perfect Eventing horses, too.


Visit us on Equus Sims, Equestrian Sims and Facebook.

At Wester Drumlins we own and moderately breed the finest kind of czech-bohemian Kinsky Horses, trying to keep this astonishing breed safe from extinction. We use exquisite Trakehner and Thoroughbred stallions to refine the Kinsky Horse and extend the small gene pool. Kinsky Horses can perform in any discipline, but their talent lies in Show Jumping/Hunting, Eventing and Dressage.

"Horses. If God created anything more beautiful, he kept it for himself."

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